Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon

Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon :- House Bill 245, also known as the Dogs in Watershed Areas bill, proposed Sparking a debate over personal freedoms and water quality concerns in Utah’s watershed areas. Acton believes the bill, despite its title, is more about allowing people to take their dogs on leisurely drives than about water quality management.

Under the proposed bill, individuals would be permitted to bring their dogs into watershed areas as long as neither the dog nor the driver exits the vehicle. Currently, dogs are prohibited in various watershed areas, including Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, with violations resulting in a hefty fine of $650 and potential arrest due to concerns about the contamination of drinking water by dog waste.

Acton argues that the current law infringes on citizens’ personal freedoms and that the bill won’t have a significant impact on water quality. She emphasizes the importance of allowing people, especially the elderly, to enjoy the company of their canine companions in the state’s beautiful areas.

However, Rep. Jeff Stenquist has voiced concerns about water quality, citing issues with dog waste management on trails. Stenquist highlights the challenges of convincing dog owners to responsibly dispose of their pets’ waste, as evidenced by similar issues faced in Corner Canyon and Park City’s Bonanza Flat area.

Wendy Fisher, Executive Director of Utah Open Lands, expresses concerns about potential enforcement issues and the broader implications of the bill. Fisher worries that HB 245 could signal a relaxation of watershed protections, particularly in light of recent rollbacks of stream protections under the Clean Water Act by the Trump administration.

Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon

While the bill has passed the full House, it will now be considered by the Senate, where further discussions and debates are expected regarding the balance between personal freedoms and environmental conservation in Utah’s watershed areas.

Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon Dogs In Alta

Little Cottonwood Canyon and the Town of Alta are crucial protected watershed areas that provide drinking water to the Salt Lake Valley, making them off-limits to dogs. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding dogs in these areas, along with answers provided by the Town of Alta:

Why can’t I bring my dog to Alta, Snowbird, or anywhere else in Little Cottonwood Canyon?

  • Little Cottonwood Canyon is a protected watershed area supplying 15% of Salt Lake Valley’s drinking water. Local laws prohibit dogs in the watershed due to the contamination risks posed by dog waste.

How do dogs affect drinking water?

  • Dog waste contains bacteria and parasites that can contaminate drinking water. Streams and tributaries in the watershed feed directly into the drinking water supply. Pet waste can compromise water quality and pose health risks if ingested.

Why are some dogs allowed in the watershed?

  • Specially trained avalanche rescue dogs and service dogs permitted by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are allowed in ski areas like Alta and Snowbird. The Town of Alta also issues limited permits for certain residents and businesses, subject to additional requirements.

Can I bring my dog to Alta if I leave him in the car?

  • Leaving dogs unattended in vehicles is discouraged for their health and safety. The Town of Alta prohibits bringing dogs within its boundaries, whether in a vehicle or otherwise.

Where can I find more watershed information?

  • The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities provides detailed information on watershed regulations in the Wasatch Front.

Are the regulations in Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon unique?

  • Many localities nationwide impose similar regulations to protect watershed areas and drinking water. The regulations in Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon aim to safeguard public health and access to clean water.
Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon

In summary, while the watershed areas in Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon are popular recreational destinations, regulations restricting dog access are in place to protect water quality and public health. It’s essential to adhere to these regulations to preserve the integrity of these vital water sources.

Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon Areas Where Dogs are Allowed

Salt Lake County offers several dog-friendly recreation areas where you can enjoy outdoor activities with your furry companion:

  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail: Dogs are welcome on leash.
  • Millcreek Canyon: Dogs are allowed off leash on odd days and on leash on even days.
  • Emigration Canyon: Dogs are permitted off leash, but be mindful of private property.
  • City Creek Canyon (below water treatment plant): Off-leash access is allowed in designated areas.
  • East Canyon: Dogs must be kept on leash.
  • Mt. Olympus Trail: Check signage for specific regulations.
  • Ferguson Canyon Trail: Dogs are required to be on leash.
  • Tanner Park: Off-leash access is available in designated areas.

For detailed trail guides and information on dog-friendly hiking options, visit the Girl on a Hike website, a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts exploring trails with their dogs.

Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon DOGS; PERMIT REQUIREMENTS:

Residents within the Salt Lake City watershed area may be permitted to keep a dog within the watershed areas, subject to specific regulations outlined by the Salt Lake County Division of Animal Control. Here are the key points of these regulations:

A. Applicants must provide certification of property ownership or, if a lessee, an owner’s certification within the city’s watershed.

B. Prior written approval is required, including a proposed method of housing and fencing for the dog. The housing and enclosure must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, subject to inspection.

C. Applicants must submit a proposed method of animal waste disposal for approval, ensuring proper disposal of fecal waste to prevent contamination of the watershed area.

D. Applicants must agree to comply with regulations, including maintaining a clean enclosure, daily cleanup of fecal waste, leash requirements when the dog is outside the property, wearing special designation tags, and adhering to county animal control and watershed regulations.

E. Applicants must pay regular dog fees plus a special permit fee to the Salt Lake County Division of Animal Control. A surety bond or cash deposit is required to ensure compliance.

F. Violations of the regulations may result in forfeiture of the permit, bond, and fines. Subsequent permit applications after forfeiture require increased bond amounts.

Are Dogs Allowed In Big Cottonwood Canyon

These regulations aim to ensure responsible pet ownership within the Salt Lake City watershed area while protecting water quality and public health.

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