How Big Are Hyenas Compared To Dogs

How Big Are Hyenas Compared To Dogs :- The African Wild Dog boasts a sleek physique, characterized by its elongated legs and slender build, complemented by a narrow skull. Its coat is adorned with short and bristly fur, featuring distinctive patches in hues of black, white, and yellowish-brown, creating a striking mosaic pattern. One of its most notable features is its large, rounded ears, which are adept at swiveling to detect sounds emanating from various directions.

In terms of dentition, the African Wild Dog possesses a unique configuration compared to other canids, with fewer molars and premolars. Its front teeth are notably elongated and razor-sharp, facilitating efficient grasping and tearing of prey. Moreover, its digestive system is finely tuned for a carnivorous diet, boasting a short intestine and a robust stomach capable of digesting bones and tough tissues with ease.

This specialized morphology of the African Wild Dog is finely honed for its predatory lifestyle, enabling it to execute high-speed pursuits over long distances, efficiently capture prey, and process its food effectively to sustain its vital energy needs.

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How Big Are Hyenas Compared To Dogs
HyenaWild Dog
SizeWeight: 90lbs-190lbsHeight: 2ft-3ft at shoulderLength: 3ft – 5ftWeight: 40lbs-80lbsHeight: 2ft-2.5ftLength: 3ft-3.5ft
Speed and Movement Type–35-40mph– Uses a galloping sprint  45 Mph– Galloping run
Bite Power and Teeth1100 PSI bite power– 32-34 teeth– Conical teeth are meant for breaking bones  320 PSI bite power  – 42 teeth– Teeth shaped to strip flesh with ease  
Senses– Powerful sense of smell used for hunting and recognition of others.– Hearing powerful enough to hear prey miles away– Great nighttime eyesight– Use their great low-light vision to hunt at dawn and dusk– Great sense of smell for identifying other animals or prey– Excellent hearing that is supported by relatively large ears.    
Defenses– Speed– Safety in numbers– They are faster and have more endurance than many animals  
Offensive Capabilities– Amazingly powerful bite– Speed to overwhelm enemies– Pack hunters–  Sharp, flesh-tearing teeth  
Predatory Behavior– Cursorial predator that chases after enemies in packs, similar to wolves– Will eat carrion and steal others’ hunts.– The pack locates and chases down prey, eating it alive before other, more powerful creatures steal the kill.  

4 Hyena Species And Their Sizes

How Big Are Hyenas Compared To Dogs Hyenas, often associated with dogs, actually share more similarities with cats, as per the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), placing them within the suborder Feliformia, which encompasses carnivores resembling felines. Within the hyena family, there are four distinct species, each varying in size and characteristics.

Spotted Hyena:

  • The largest among hyena species, spotted hyenas measure between 4 to 5.9 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) in length and stand at heights ranging from 2.5 to 2.6 feet (77 to 81 cm) from paw to shoulder. Weighing between 88 to 190 pounds (40 to 86 kg), females of this species are typically 10% larger than males. Their fur exhibits a sandy, yellowish, or grey base color adorned with dark brown or black blotches.

Brown Hyena:

  • Brown hyenas rank as the second largest, with lengths ranging from 51 to 63 inches (130 to 160 cm). They weigh between 75 to 160 pounds (34 to 72.6 kg) and are distinguished by scruffy long brownish-black hair, particularly on their body and shoulders. These hyenas have a characteristic mane around their necks and small bushy tails.

Striped Hyena:

  • Striped hyenas stand at heights of 26 to 30 inches (66 to 75 cm) from foot to shoulders and measure between 39 to 45 inches (100 to 115 cm) in length. Weighing between 57 to 90 pounds (26 to 41 kg), they possess long, grey to straw-colored fur with black snouts and stripes adorning their legs, chest, and head.


  • Aardwolves are the smallest members of the hyena family, ranging from 33 to 41 inches (85 to 105 cm) in length, with their tails accounting for approximately one-fourth of this measurement. Weighing between 17.6 to 30.8 pounds (8 to 14 kg), they sport fur similar in color and texture to that of striped hyenas.
How Big Are Hyenas Compared To Dogs

These diverse hyena species showcase unique characteristics and adaptations, highlighting the fascinating diversity within the hyena family.

How Big Are Hyenas Compared To Dogs Hyena Vs. African Wild Dogs 

The African wild dog is indeed the largest canine species in Africa, standing at 60 to 75 cm high at the shoulders and weighing 18 to 36 kg. However, spotted hyenas, which can grow up to 92 cm tall and weigh 86 kg, are significantly larger and more powerful than wild dogs due to their long front and short rear legs.

Let’s delve deeper into the comparison between hyenas and wild dogs in terms of their bodily features and abilities:


  • Hyenas are notably larger than wild dogs. A hyena can weigh up to 190 pounds, measure 5 feet in length, and stand 3 feet tall at the shoulder. On the other hand, wild dogs typically grow slightly over 3 feet in length, weigh around 80 pounds, and stand about 2.5 feet tall.

Speed and Motion:

  • Both wild dogs and hyenas are known for their remarkable speed, both in pursuing prey and evading predators. In the wild, wild dogs have been recorded reaching speeds of 44 mph, surpassing the top speed of hyenas, which is approximately 37 mph. It’s worth noting that the hyena’s gait is unique, as its front legs are longer than its hind legs. However, both species exhibit a gallop run.

While hyenas may outweigh wild dogs and possess a slightly slower top speed, both species are adept hunters and formidable predators in their respective habitats.

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