Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big

Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big :- Understanding paraphimosis requires a grasp of canine anatomy.

Typically, a dog’s penis is sheltered within the prepuce, a sheath resembling foreskin. The glans, or actual penis, may protrude when necessary, often referred to as the “red rocket.”

During breeding, the glans emerges from the prepuce and stays extruded during copulation. This is facilitated by the swelling of two small glands, known as the bulbus glandis, at the penis base, ensuring a tie between male and female for around 15 minutes post-ejaculation.

Under normal circumstances, the extruded glans can safely remain exposed for about 20 minutes, particularly after ejaculation, as per basic anatomy and physiology.

However, extended extrusion beyond this timeframe may lead to issues.

Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big What’s Normal For A Dog’s Penis?

Understanding what’s normal with your dog’s penis is essential for recognizing any abnormalities.

Typically, the exterior of a dog’s penis is covered by the prepuce or sheath, consisting of skin and surrounding tissues.

Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big

The penis itself is lined with a moist, bright pink or red mucous membrane.

A small amount of yellowish-white or slightly green-tinged discharge, known as smegma, may accumulate around the prepuce opening. Smegma, comprising fluid and dead skin cells, serves to lubricate the penis and is a normal secretion, particularly in male pups. Some dogs, even when healthy, may produce excess smegma, often alleviated by licking.

Even in a non-erect state, a dog’s penis remains rigid due to the presence of the os penis, a bone within.

The bulbus glandis, located at the penis base, swells with blood during arousal, forming two visible bumps beneath the skin.

Erections can occur irrespective of neutering status. A full erection may cause the engorged penis and bulbus glandis to extend outside the prepuce.

A dog’s erection duration may vary from a few minutes to up to an hour.

Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big Why Does The Dog Penis Come Out?

You might already be familiar with this, but a dog’s penis extrudes when the dog is aroused. However, it’s not necessarily related to breeding. Arousal in dogs can stem from various stimuli, including excitement during a training session or other activities.

While it might be uncomfortable when your dog’s “lipstick” appears in social settings, there’s usually no cause for concern. Susan Newell, owner and lead trainer of Animal Minds, suggests ignoring it, as the penis typically retracts back into the prepuce once the excitement subsides. By disregarding it, you avoid inadvertently reinforcing or encouraging your dog’s behavior.

Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big

What signs could mean that your dog has a problem with their penis?

Now that you’re familiar with what’s considered normal, let’s delve into what might be abnormal. Remember, any sudden changes warrant a visit to the vet, but regular check-ups can help you notice any deviations from the norm more easily. Here are some specific signs to watch out for:

  1. Smell: If you notice a foul odor emanating from your dog’s penis, it could indicate balanitis, an infection of the penis and prepuce.
  2. Discharge: While some discharge, like smegma, is normal, an increase in discharge volume, especially if it contains blood or has a bad smell, could signal an issue.
  3. Color: A red or sore-looking penis when not aroused could indicate balanitis. Conversely, if the penis appears swollen and starts to turn purple or black, it might suggest paraphimosis, where the penis swells due to excitement and doesn’t retract into the prepuce.
  4. Licking, Irritation, or Excessive Grooming: If your dog suddenly starts excessively licking their penis or shows signs of irritation or discomfort, it could indicate pain or irritation, possibly due to infection or paraphimosis.

What Exactly is Dog Paraphimosis?

Your dog’s penis is safeguarded by the furry, oblong-shaped sheath known as the prepuce, visible underneath his belly.

Paraphimosis arises when the pink penis protrudes from the fur-covered prepuce and fails to retract. Is paraphimosis in dogs an emergency? Absolutely. Without prompt treatment, paraphimosis can lead to permanent urethral damage, affecting your dog’s urination ability.

Regarding duration, a dog’s penis can typically safely protrude from the prepuce for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, prolonged exposure beyond this timeframe can cause dryness and irritation on the penis surface. In severe cases, tissue swelling and necrosis (tissue death) may occur. Should your dog’s penis remain extruded for more than 20 to 30 minutes, immediate medical intervention is necessary.

Why Is My Dogs Willy So Big

Paraphimosis in Dogs: Treatment

Your veterinarian at All Pet Animal Hospital will conduct a comprehensive examination to pinpoint the root cause of your dog’s paraphimosis. Treatment will be tailored based on the diagnosis. If paraphimosis is triggered by a foreign object or hair, cleaning and lubricating the penis might suffice. In more complex scenarios, surgical intervention may be necessary to modify the size of the preputial cavity. In rare instances, the restriction of penile movement could be due to a cancerous tumor or injury.

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